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New Direction

OK fine..I didn’t make it very long with the old ormat…but the re-hash of old opinions…as well as the lack of a web design person (I HATE how this looks) stopped me in my tracks.  (Which is too bad too, because there is a lot of shit going on.

Anyway, I’m going to switch gears and go COMPLETELY different this time…into the world of cooking/grilling/BBQ’ing and Tailgating.  Look, not everybody hates the same team (well, most of my friends do), but everybody can appreciate the culture and preparation it takes to tailgate all day ….or smoke a slab of ribs etc etc.

So look for that soon.   I know I’ve got some creativity left somewhere in me..and with the upcoming Mizzou foray into the SEC…that “hate” factor is just going to simmer while we get used to things.  In the meantime, I think this idea has some juice.

Let me know your thoughts.